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Theme 4 – Contractual aspects

In charge of theme 4 (WG4)

Lionel LINGER – VINCI Const. Grands Projets

To deploy the performantial approach, it is important to define the responsibilities and commitments of the various actors and in particular to clarify the contractual framework for its implementation.

This approach should apply not only to the long lifetimes, but also shorter lifetimes to meet the needs of markets and optimize the cost of works.

It must also enable to develop the use of materials with low environmental impact and to correlatively decrease the environmental impacts of the works

As the main issue of contracting is the control of concrete, it comes to precisely define the modalities of control (depending on the absolute approach, the comparative approach or a combined approach) at the various stages of a project: initial test (study), convenience, production control , maintenance control.

Therefore, the point is to search the best indicators and a correlation between short-term (28 days) tests and reference tests to longer term (90 days) in order to remain within a reasonable time and to improve the economics of projects.